Welcome to Kennedy Space Center

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Today was “the day!” My first day at Kennedy Space Center, or KSC for short. It isn’t NASA without a cool acronym for EVERYTHING! Our first stop was the Badging Office. Apparently they have hall monitors in our building… Better not lose this one!


First day of work! Sorry, I learned that I am not allowed to circulate images of my badge, so it’s whited out. For the curious ones… It has my name on it! That’s cool enough for anyone!

I know you are all wondering if it was truly as exciting as one would imagine it would be. The answer is YES! There was the formality of instantly attending a safety briefing, then meeting our points of contact and finally getting introduced to our amazing support team and collaborators whom I have only teleconferenced with up until this point. It was a blur of excitement and happiness getting to meet everyone in person and to tour the facilities.

The facilities are massive. KSC is not wanting for space. They have graciously allocated us three lab rooms along with cold storage and full size walk in incubators to store our flies at specific temperatures. The incubators are especially cool because they are capable of synchronizing with the ones on the space station and can run perfectly paralleled ground control experiments.

Anyways, today was mostly getting oriented and integrated into the system. Tomorrow, the real work will start. So, I want to share some other cool stuff with you. I have compiled the media attention for this project for you. Be sure to check out the Media page to see all of our news articles and TV clips. FYI I made the cut on the NBC San Diego clip! So cool! I was on the news! That seriously just happened. I can’t believe it. Let me know what you think and please feel free to use the comment section to ask any questions.


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