This Rocket is Ready to Launch

SpaceX-11 Falcon 9 Static Fire of all nine engines on pad 39A
Successful static test on the launchpad today. (Image borrowed from NASA’s website)

Today, while we were peacefully collecting flies, SpaceX was busy testing the Falcon on the launchpad, one day ahead of schedule for the first time. This mission is also historic because our payload is on the first launch to reuse both the Dragon capsule and the Falcon rocket. To read more details about this, check out NASA’s article.

It was fun in lab, because they inform you over the intercom when they are performing the test so that you may, “remain calm in the unlikely event of an emergency.” So considerate to give us all a heads up!

View of a launchpad and assembly building. Just a typical drive into work in the morning…

We are all very happy that the testing today was successful because that means we are on track for our June 1st launch. It is up to the weather now… Prayers and fingers crossed, whatever your thing is because after the first, we have several days of stormy weather before we can try again. Let’s hope it stays as pretty outside as it is in these pictures!

Snapshot of a launchpad off in the distance. I believe this one was used for shuttle launches back in the day.



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