Preparing for Launch

Egg Lay Samples, all ready for space!

It’s getting down to the wire. We are crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s. Last night, we put adults into vials, like the ones imaged above, so they could get busy laying eggs to send up in the Dragon capsule. Tonight, we will return to remove the adults so that we have well staged flies that return (flies that are all similar in age because they were laid around the same time).

We will also be putting young adult flies into other vials tonight. These will be riding the rocket up to the space station, where they will create the next generation, completely in space.

Our engineer, Chetan Angadi, has already programmed all of our iButtons to go inside of the VFBs. iButtons are smallsensors that gather environmental data at consistent intervals throughout the mission. We use this data to recreate the mission for our gorund controls once the VFBs return. They fit in a nook carved out of the inside of the end cap in each VFB.


Tomorrow, we will pack everything into it’s appropriate location and handover our payload to be put onto the rocket. After that, we will continue to prep for a secondary mission, just in case this one is a no go, but other than that, we will wait until launch to see our work soar off into space. The whole team has been working hard to keep everything running smoothly and on schedule. I cannot wait to see the rocket launch and start planning for the real work, when they come back.

ready for space round
Karen and I last night with our completed egg lays

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