Handover #2 and Back to Work

Well, after a long night in the ER and waiting for my heart to stop racing from the epinephrine, I did not make it into lab for the second handover today. So, I borrowed the picture Kevin put out in his daily reports that he sends out the the team. Look how good everyone looks!

handover 2 group
Handover #2

I was able to make it in a little later that day to resume the contingency collections in case this attempt gets scrubbed as well. While we were collecting, Matt calls me into the hardware lab for an emergency meeting with the rest of the team. Apparently someone at the launchpad smelled bug spray and noticed dead bugs near the hangar where our payload was queued up to be put aboard the Dragon capsule. We were definitely fidgety as we waited for more details to come in.

Thankfully, the spray was merely a repellent, and it was sprayed a few days and several rains ago. We also received the flies from our first handover back, and they had been stored in the same location for longer and were unaffected. To mediate the risk, our flies got VIP treatment and apparently were very comfortable inside of a breakout room in a building nearby, instead of the hangar. Crisis averted!

daily collections post HO2
A snapshot Kevin took of Karen, Medaya and I collecting flies.

Tonight we get a night off from work for the first time all week. I’m off to the movies with the team to shut my brain down for a few before we hit the lab again tomorrow morning. Launch attempt #2 is planned for tomorrow at 5:07pm eastern (2:07pm for everyone back home in California). Let’s hope it goes!



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