SCRUB. Launch cancelled for today 

KSC Visitor Center Rocket Garden
About thirty minutes to launch, a bolt of lightning split the sky and hit Merritt Island, violating the rules for launch. We were scrubbed. 

At least we were prepared. We spent all day prepping for our backup mission, just in case. Glad we have that in the pipeline now.

During the afternoon, Christina and Medaya took me back to the Visitor Center to ride the space shuttle launch simulator. It was awesome! I loved the thrill. As you can see from the picture I took of the rocket garden while we were there, the weather did not look promising. 

We drove to a great viewing site on base anyways, and there we discovered the launch was scrubbed. Sullenly, we all drove off to a fancy restaurant for the SpaceX party that was supposed to celebrate our success… Now it was dinner and back to work. 

Christinas napkin from the SpaceX party at Milikens

Well, not for me. Unfortunately due to a near death experience, my team was short staffed while my boss, Dr. Karen Ocorr, kindly drove me to the nearest hospital. 

The Asian salad had pine nuts hiding in it, and I am deathly allergic, we are talking anaphylaxis allergic. Thankfully I only see the lettuce that touched it and had time to get to the ER. If I had eaten the nut, it would have been much more grand, like epi-pen and paramedics grand! 

I sing praises to the Health First Cape Canaveral Hospital Emergency Room for treating me so quickly and saving me and to my awesome boss for being there for me when she could have been at an awesome SpaceX party. Still bummed that I missed most of it.

  • I am doing much better and will be going back to work tomorrow. The flies wait for no one. I am so grateful to be alive and able to go to work. Hopefully all of the bad luck is out of the way and we get off the ground soon. This is turning out to be quite the adventure.

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