Going Home

Paperwork and Packing Up!

Not much to report today. We headed into lab to finalize our paperwork. (NASA loves paperwork) Can you tell how excited we all were?! Then we started packing up the lab, as our space was only allocated for the this mission. Time to clear out for the next group.

Now, I’m off to the airport to go see my husband for the first time in two weeks and make up for missing our fourth wedding anniversary… I think a sushi date is in order. Then it is back to work finalizing all of our post mission operations.


See you later SSPF! I’m going home!

FYI, I had to share my “only in Florida,” moment with you. As a Southern California girl, it was quite amazing to me to get held up in traffic on a causeway, waiting for a sailboat of all things. I have definitely never stopped for a drawbridge before. Now you can see it too!

A nautical traffic jam…What!?

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