Payload Transfer

CTB, ready to go

Mission update, after the successful berth of the Dragon capsule with the ISS yesterday, our astronauts wasted no time unloading it. In the early hours of this morning, my team was teleconferencing with Peggy Whitson, an American astronaut and scientist aboard the International Space Station. She coordinated the unpacking of our VFBs and stowing them in the correct locations for their stay on the ISS.

I do not have any images to share with you, so please imagine the picture of our CTB (cargo transfer bag) floating around until it gets lashed into place and opened. Inside, the astronauts find six beautiful black boxes, full of lies and fly larvae. Hundreds of guests to share their isolated space above the planet for the next month. Then, they got busy inserting them into temperature controlled incubators, securing them into place.

It is official, our flies made it there. Now we must wait and prepare for the new generation to return to us. I will keep you posted on their progress as exciting events occur. Thank you for following along on my pre-launch journey and adventures in Florida! Talk to you all soon, hopefully with good news!



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