My name is Erika Taylor, and I work for a biomedical research lab that uses fruit flies as a model organism to understand genetic heart conditions. I am privileged to be a part of the Bodmer-Ocorr Lab and participate as a Research Assistant and Manager. 

My primary project in the lab is the “Space Flies” project. Our first mission was formally titled “Heart Flies,” and the current, second one is   called “Fruit Fly Lab 2” or “FFL2” for short. 

The goal of these projects is to elucidate the effects of microgravity (the weak gravity that keeps a spacecraft in orbit) on the heart. The details and reasoning will be discussed in my blog posts, so hold onto your questions and check in for more details there.

Welcome to my blog. I am going to take you behind the scenes in science and talk to you about how scientists perform space research and what goes into sending your experiments to the ISS (International Space Station).