This Rocket is Ready to Launch

Today, while we were peacefully collecting flies, SpaceX was busy testing the Falcon on the launchpad, one day ahead of schedule for the first time. This mission is also historic because our payload is on the first launch to reuse both the Dragon capsule and the Falcon rocket. To read more details about this, check […]

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Drosophila Pale Ale

Just kidding, we don’t make beer from fruit flies! Many people do find it interesting that the food medium we grow them on contains many of same ingredients as beer though. In the lab, we have perfected a fly food recipe that contains delicious things, such as malt, brewers yeast, soy flour, molasses and agar. […]

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Welcome to Kennedy Space Center

in our Today was “the day!” My first day at Kennedy Space Center, or KSC for short. It isn’t NASA without a cool acronym for EVERYTHING! Our first stop was the Badging Office. Apparently they have hall monitors in our building… Better not lose this one! First day of work! Sorry, I learned that I […]

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